Your Love by Tru Sub Family
Tru Sub Recordings (TRUSUB004) - Release date February 14th 2015

Your Love is a haunting track with vocals effortlessly delivered by new UK talent Zerena.  Co-written by MC-IC (The Push and Pull Show) and Zerena with music written and produced by Tru Sub.  Tru Sub Family cover a no-nonsense hard stepping original Vocal DnB mix alongside an amazing Liquid DnB mix, already getting support from major DnB Stations.

The flipside to the EP includes a trade mark Tru Sub UKG club banger on the 4x4 tip alongside a top class deep house remix from rising UK talent DJ Venum. This track is already attracting a lot of well deserved attention.

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Tags: Drum & Bass 0 Comments Views: 3914 9th Feb 2015

Author: DJ Rips


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